GSM gateway (04 SIMs) (Analog)

GSM gateway (04 SIMs) (Analog)
GSM gateway (04 SIMs) (Analog)
Mã sản phẩm: GSM gateway (04 SIMs)
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It is a 4 channels GSM Gateway that has 4 ports FXS interfaces.
It can connect with ordinary telephone set,PBX or VOIP Gateway,call back system etc.
Dialing tone frequency:450hz
Employ Industrial module (M10) to make
SIM card supported (1.8V, 3V)
Caller ID display
DTMF Dialing
Bell signal
Polarity reversal
The RJ-11 socket which connect the phone or billing system for metering purpose
Antenna socket (SMA)
IP Presetting.
Working status indicator
Signal Strength indicator

  Technical Specifications
Air interface standard: GSM850/1900Mhz,900/1,800Mhz phase 2+ full band
Frequency ranges:
 A) GSM 850                             GSM 1900:
 I) Transmission: 869.2 ~ 893.8MHz      I) Transmission: 1, 930 ~ 1, 990MHz
 Ii) Reception: 824.2 ~ 848.2MHz        Ii) Reception: 1, 850 ~ 1, 910MHz
 B) GSM 900:                            GSM 1800:
 I) Transmission: 890 ~ 915MHz          I) Transmission: 1, 710 ~ 1, 785MHz             
 Ii) Reception: 935 ~ 960MHz            Ii) Reception: 1, 805 ~ 1, 880MHz
Phone interface: supply RJ-11 Phone Interface
Hanging voltage: 45V
Picking off voltage: 30mA / 41mA
Dialing tone Frequency: 450Hz
Antenna interface: Antenna amplifying>1.5db
Transmitting power<3W
Adapter interface:INPUT:AC 175~260V

Operation Circumstance:
Operation temperature: -10c~60C
Storage temperature:-20C~70C
Operation humidity:45%-95%
Atmosphere pressure:86-106Kpa
Environment noise: <60DB
Transmitting Power:2W
Sensitivity: <-104dbm
Antenna Amplifying: >1.5db
Dialing frequency: 450Hz
Hanging voltage: 45V
Picking current: 30mA/41mA


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