310HD IP Phone

310HD IP Phone
310HD IP Phone
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AudioCodes 310HD IP Phone offers a new dimension of voice call quality and clarity for the IP Telephony market. This IP Phone further expands AudioCodes’ VoIP product offering for the Enterprise and Service Providers markets. As a natural addition to the AudioCodes Media Gateway, Media Server & Multi-Service Business Gateway products, the AudioCodes 310HD  High Definition IP Phone enables Systems Integrators and end-customers to build end-to-end solutions that rely on AudioCodes’ technological advantage and proven track record in providing state-of-the art, high quality, interoperable VoIP products.

 The AudioCodes 310HD IP Phone meets a growing demand for High Definition VoIP solutions in end-user phones and terminals, improving the productivity and efficiency of business communications with new quality standards set by the High Definition voice technology.

The 310HD IP Phone is the 1-line entry level IP Phone and includes a basic display and user interface.

Complete Range of Phones

The AudioCodes 300HD Series of High Definition IP Phones offers three phone models, which are well suited to the requirements of different types of business users. The 310HD is the 1-line, 2 concurrent calls per line entry level IP Phone and includes a basic display and user interface with multi language support. The 320HD is a 4-line, 2 concurrent calls per line premium model which includes a large Monochrome multi language graphic LCD display. The 350HD is a 6-line, 2 concurrent calls per line executive model with a large TFT color LCD display. All models support HDVoIP. The AudioCodes 300HD Series IP Phones are available with Power over Ethernet and/or external power supply.

Cutting Edge Voice Quality & HD VoIP

Based on AudioCodes’ advanced, robust and field-proven VoIPerfectHD™ software, AudioCodes’ IP Phones are designed to utilize the most popular wideband coders such as G.722, G.722.2 (WB-AMR) and Microsoft Real Time Audio (RTA). Each of these phones features enhanced proprietary capabilities, such as packet loss concealment, high quality wideband acoustic echo canceler, and low-delay adaptive jitter buffers to enrich the HDVoIP experience.


The AudioCodes 300HD Series of High Definition IP Phones is widely interoperable with IP-PBXs, Softswitches and IP Centrex Solutions. As Enterprises and Service Providers continue to seek open network architectures that enable them to maximize value and reduce costs, AudioCodes’ best-of-breed technology, wide interoperability, and adherence to standards make the 300HD Series of High Definition IP Phones a natural selection.

Integration with VoIP Mobility

The 300HD IP Phones can be combined with AudioCodes mobility solutions to enable a continuous access of end-users to high quality VoIP calling, wherever they are. In a business setting, AudioCodes MobilityPLUS solution lets employees take advantage of their Smartphone devices by installing a MobilityPLUS client on the Smartphones and configuring them as VoIP extensions of the business’ IP-PBX and UC system. In Cloud-based IP-Centrex environments, AudioCodes VMAS (Voice Mobile Access Solution) enables Service Providers to offer their end-customers attractive mobile VoIP calling plans and features. The VMAS client can be installed on existing Smartphones, conduct calls through Wi-Fi or cellular data connections, and reduce costly cellular voice minutes and roaming charges.

AudioCodes MobilityPlus for UC

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