VG4X 16FXS Ports Gateway

VG4X 16FXS Ports Gateway
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Mã sản phẩm: VG4X 16FXS
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VG4X 16-48 Ports Gateway

VG4X with 16-48 FXS/O builit-in designed for large enterprises.

  • Protocol: SIP & MGCP
  • 16-48 FXS/O Ports
  • Conruent calls: 16

  • PBX Feature:Intercom, IVR & Hunnting Group
  • Voice Codec: G.711, G.729A, G.723.1, GSM and iLBC
  • Caller ID,Hotline, Prefix Dialing & Call Forwarding
  • Fashion ring, Auto Dial, DID, MWI T.38 Fax Relay

Features and Benefits

VG4X VoIP Gateway is one product of VoIP VG series by VOPTECH. It is a carrier class VoIP gateway. Carriers and enterprises can use it to provide regular phone, fax, and IP Centrex services through broadband networks. VG5X guarantees a smooth transition to NGN (Next Generation Network), therefore protects your long-term investments. When fully configured

VG4X  is designed to meet the VoIP demands of telecom-munications carriers, value-added service providers, and mid- to -large -sized enterprises. Installed in a highly compact 1U chassis, and two power feeds (so end-users have the options to use one or two 70W power supply to protect system from power surge and to provide redundancy).

VG4X adopts embedded Linux operating system. Equipped with powerful hardware configuration and controlled by sophisticated software, the system supports multiple functions and provides solutions to a variety of application demands. In addition to supplementary functions like fashion ringing tones, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, and Call Waiting, it also supports features like, Routing, RADIUS Billing nterface, Broadcasting Second-stage


VG4X has passed compatibility and interoperability tests with above twenty most popular soft switch and gateway suppliers that are currently on the market.

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